Our new billboard chrome extension makes it easy to increase the visibility of your feedback! 

 Here's what it does:

  • Retrieves responses from the last month.
  • Displays one response at a time.
  • The most recent responses are shown first.

Getting it installed

  • Go to the Chrome Web Store page for the AskNicely New Tab
  • Click the "Add to Chrome" button

Simply open a new tab and enjoy! If you haven't logged in to AskNicely recently, you'll be asked to log in. 

Want to see more responses? 

Pressing the left arrow key shows you an older response, right shows you a newer response .

Want to take action?

Press enter or simply click on the response to open it in AskNicely.

Got multiple accounts? 

You can switch your account after by clicking the Switch account link in the lower left of your browser window, easy peasy!

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