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NPS is fantastic (of course), but sometimes your business’ competing priorities mean you want to ask a variety of questions. Traditionally, this would have involved a static survey that looked more like a pop quiz, leaving customers to take one glance before giving up. Now, it’s as easy as having a conversation, thanks to AskNicely’s Conversations tool!

Check out this video to see a quick clip of Conversations in action. Conversations like this one begin as soon as your respondent chooses a number in your survey.

Conversations allows you to: 

  • Customize an interactive sequence of questions and answers.
  • Present your questions to your customer in a chat-style interface, right after they’ve clicked their initial rating in your survey.
  • Ask a variety of questions, including NPS, CSAT, CES, and Multi-Option questions, to name a few
  • Create context-specific responses based on answers or key data points. Empathize with their experience and respond appropriately!
  • Ask targeted follow-up questions based on a specific data about your contacts. 
  • Use branching logic to display the question differently based on response or add/skip a particular question if one answer makes later questions unnecessary.
  • Ask up to 7 questions through any branch

To make it easy to put this together, you can use our Conversation Builder, which shows a simple process flow and allows you to create your Conversation step-by-step, choosing what to ask, and how to respond to the answer. 

Switching a Survey to Conversation

If you have Conversations already installed, you’ll find it under the Survey section, and then the Survey tab. 

To convert a survey to a conversational survey, click Convert to conversation survey.

NOTE: If you don’t see “Convert to conversational survey,” Conversations may not be included in your account. No worries! Just contact your Customer Success Manager, or hello@asknice.ly to get that set up. 

You’ll notice a big change in your survey as soon as it reloads. Your single follow up question will be gone, replaced with the Conversation Builder.

Check out a tour of the Conversation Builder so you can get started building your conversations!

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