In an earlier article, we talked about why Workflows are great, and how to set up a basic email Workflow.

You've probably been here before:

You've got several promoters, and maybe a few detractors, but not enough detail on why they responded the way they did. Since you're a feedback wizard, you've been following up and finding out why customers rated how they did. Great work! But that's probably been a lot of work. Now, with one set up, you can request additional feedback to every NPS score that could use a little more context, every time, using:

Follow up Blank Comments Workflow

To set these up, from the Workflows screen, simply select Follow Up Blank Comments, complete your custom fields, and select how soon after receiving the customers feedback you want these to be sent out.  To take things one step further, you can even decide how soon after a score is received that a survey is triggered. Once done, click Save & Activate and you're all set!  This can be done for Promoters, Detractors, and Passive responses, but each one will need its own Workflow. 

Note: If you have a survey that uses Conversations, it won't allow the comments field to be totally empty, so we recommend in that case you set your second rule to allow for the fact that people might put in "N/A" or "no" to skip the comment field. 

You might choose something like Comment  | Length is shorter than  | 3  , as this will capture comments of fewer than 3 words, like "N/A" or "no comment". Or, to be more specific, you might use comment  | is   | N/A

Don't forget to customize the subject and body of your email, and of course make sure that they are appropriate for the sentiment. Empathize with your detractors, and cheer your promoters!

Once these are saved and applied, just sit back, relax, and watch the feedback roll in. 😎

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