Goal: Identify your integration and "get the right people in the room."

Prerequisites: 1. Confirm which integrations your business wants to implement.
2. Connect with your local Data Whiz to assist with the process.

Key Prep for Setting Up Integrations

AskNicely provides integrations with a very broad selection of applications. You will have the most success with setting up your integration if you first confirm exactly which systems your business should be implementing (Slack? Zendesk? Both?), and connecting with your local Data Whiz to give you a hand.

Does this sound like you? The Data Whiz is your company's go-to person for anything and everything related to the CRM / POS / Support Platform: if it involves reporting, administration, adjusting permissions, whatever - you name it, they can do it. We need them for their extra permissions and technical skills to accomplish critical "back-end" tasks on your end.

If this is you, great! Let's go. :)

Find your integration in the list below:



Email CSV Importer




InApp: Web Based NPS Surveys





Marketing Cloud

Microsoft Dynamics



Zapier: Creating Workflows


Zoho Desk

Please contact our Support team if you need assistance.

As much as we try to make things simple, building a bridge across the vast expanse of the internet can present unique challenges. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our Support team by clicking the Chatbot icon in the bottom right corner of your screen to set up an appointment with our Support Team. Our only ask is that you invite your Data Whiz along to help cross t's and dot i's on your end. (If that's not you of course. :)

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