You probably already know this, but in order to send surveys, you have to tell AskNicely who to send surveys to. Your People data doesn't only tell AskNicely who to send surveys to, it also lets you segment (sort, slice, and dice) your data based on any point that you track about a customer. 

Want to see satisfaction as related to each of your Customer Success Reps? 

Bring that data into People! 

Want to see whether your customers are happier when they sign up on your website or through your sales team? 

Bring that data into People!

And it's not just about sorting. You can personalize messages, customize your follow-up and internal alert workflows, and so much more. 

So let's get your data into AskNicely, so you too can become a true-blue data fan. 

Where to Start?

When it comes to getting your People into AskNicely, you have a few options (actually, you have a lot!) that generally fall into two categories:

IMPORTANT NOTE: All import methods require at minimum a name and email address.

  1. Bring in through a CSV import
  2. Bring in through an integration

Choose an option above to learn how to bring your People in using that method!

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