Goal: Understand how to bring your "customer list" (aka People data) in AskNIcely.

Prerequisites: A computer and some customers!

What is People Data?

In order to send surveys, we need to tell AskNicely who to send surveys to. This is the primary function of your AskNIcely People data.

Think of your People data as a list of people to invite to a wedding.

Before you write the cards and send the invites, you need an idea of who gets an invitation in the first place. You will be sending the same invitation to everyone, but if they have a plus-one or someone is also invited to the rehearsal dinner or is part of the wedding party, we need to make sure that info gets included in their invitation, along with other key pieces of data like whether they have a plus one, if they are in the wedding party, if they're coming to the rehearsal dinner.... you get the idea.

This is how AskNicely "interprets" or "sees" your customer base - its brain is basically a spreadsheet.

Once we have this data in the system, the real magic of AskNicely can show itself. Once responses start coming in, we can group everyone by the column headers we brought in - for our wedding example, we can get the collective NPS score of your whole wedding party as a group, or the NPS score of everyone that came solo vs. people who had a plus one, or the NPS of everyone that had a vegan meal vs. gluten free meal.

Good data really unlocks the power of the platform and can tell you a LOT about what is and isn't working at your business. So let's get your data into AskNicely so you too can become a true-blue data fan. 

Where to Start?

When it comes to getting your People into AskNicely, you have multiple options that fall into two categories:

  1. Bring in through a CSV import
  2. Bring in through an integration

Choose an option above and we'll be off to the races! 🏎:💨

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