In order to configure and view Case Management reports you must have opened at least one case previously. If no cases have been opened the report will not be visible.

How to configure Case Management reports

Go to Settings > General > Case Management

There are four options available to be configured for Case Management.

  1. Close Options - allows you to specify where cases may be closed from.
  2. Service Level Agreement - If this option is turned on, then an SLA tab becomes visible on the Dashboard > Reports > Case Management view. Set your hours and the SLA report will show you how many cases were closed outside of your SLA hours.
  3. Business Hours - the SLA is calculated within your business hours. If you would like to calculate SLA across all hours then specify all days, 24 hours a day as your business hours.
  4. Data Breakdown - set a primary and optional secondary breakdown to control how the data is grouped on the reports

Viewing Case Management reports

Go to Dashboard > Reports > Case Management

There are two tabs on the Case Management Report. 

  1. The Cases tab shows the open, closed and average time rates.

2. The SLA tab, which is only visible if SLA is turned on, shows a breakdown of cases by those which fell inside and outside your SLA hours.

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