Goal: Integrate ClubReady and AskNicely to bring your People into AskNIcely.

Prerequisites: None.

Setting up your ClubReady integration

To connect ClubReady with AskNicely, locate this integration page in AskNicely by clicking on App Store > Integrate > ClubReady.  This is the screen you will see:

This integration only brings People into AskNIcely - it does not trigger automatic surveys.

Filling out the two blue fields on this page ("api key" & "store id") will complete this integration - read on to figure out how to get these two pieces of info from ClubReady.

Step 1: Request your ClubReady API Key from ClubReady

1. Download this PDF file and sign it,.

2. Send the file as an attachment to support@clubready.com - they will reply to you with your API key. 

Step 2: Find your ClubReady Store Id

  1. Log in to your ClubReady account.
  2. Click on your profile image on the top right.
  3. The Store ID will be the first four digits before the hyphen of the long number below your name. In the image below, Aaron's Store ID is 1234.

Piece of cake, right? You're done! Rest assured - we only import current members who have not opted out of receiving emails, so you should be in good shape.

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