Actors have dress rehearsal. Programmers have QA testing. Lawyers have mock trials. Everyone knows it’s a good idea to test things out before you make them public, and AskNicely can help you do that with your surveys using our nifty preview mode. Read on for how to simulate the entire survey journey.

Previewing Your Survey

To preview your survey experience, visit the Survey page by clicking the Hammer & Pencil (1). From there, click the template you want to preview (2), then click the Survey tab (3). Lastly, click Preview (4)

You’ll see the preview pane appear. See below! (Sidenote: RIP Prince.)

We recommend you turn the Record Real Test Response toggle on in order to record your tests as if they were real survey responses. This allows you to test:

  • Displaying the in-app alert
  • Showing the response in with your other responses
  • Triggering any workflows and alerts (using your email instead of the customers’)
  • Factoring the response and comments into your Leaderboards, Theme Buckets, etc. 

Note: When you turn the toggle back off, AskNicely clears out all the responses created from that preview while the toggle was on. All of it disappears as if it never happened. Each survey’s Record Real Test Response toggle only affects that survey template. If you’ve turned this on for multiple surveys, you’ll need to turn each one off when you're done testing.

After you give a score on this window, you’ll see your survey experience simulated, from the initial NPS question all the way through your conversation. Check it out!

Save Often, Test Often!

Whenever you make a change to your survey—especially when that change affects call fields or survey logic—it’s a good idea to preview it. Changes made to survey templates will not show up in the preview until you click Save.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to our fantastic Support Team by clicking the chat button in the bottom right of AskNicely, or by emailing them directly at

Version 2.0.0

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