We'll cover a few things in this article that covers actions taken on the People, Response, and Workflow pages. 

What we'll cover: 

  • Testing the Default template
  • Testing custom templates based on custom data points
  • Testing Workflows
  • Cleaning up after yourself (aka deleting responses). 

A quick note before we start: While you are able to delete responses, we can not delete individual "sent surveys" from the total survey sent count. However if you haven't gone live with the account yet, we are able to fully delete all responses and people. 

Testing the Default Template: 

You'll want to start by setting up your default survey template to your liking, link below for how to accomplish that.
Quick link to setting those up

Now that you have the template as you so desire, it's time to add yourself to the account so you can send yourself an email. 

Step #1: Click on the People Page Icon
Step #2: Click on "Add Person"

Step #3: Fill out your name/email. Leave segment blank unless you want to test a specific segment template, then write in that name.
Note in the example below I picked the Platinum segment, this is available because it already existed in this account, but it's not tied to any custom templates. 

Step #4: Send yourself an email
I've highlighted two things: 

  • Email button: Press this to manually trigger an email to be sent to you. It's on the far right of someone's name. You can select from any of your email templates when sending via this method. 
  • Survey Template: You'll only see this column if you have a custom template created. This is good for the next steps to see if someone is getting the correct template and how to test them yourself. 

Step #5: Check your email and make sure the email looks how you want it. Also you will want to answer the survey because that will play a factor into sending yourself a workflow test. Along with getting a feel for the entire survey process that your end user will have. 

There you have it! That will help you with seeing how the default template looks and handles. 

Testing the Custom Template: 

This will be a bit trickier but these two help docs will help you:
Multiple Survey Templates & Importing your Customer File 

Factors you should know going into this: 

  • Our custom field has already been chosen, lang
  • It is best to have the data in AskNicely 1st, and create the templates 2nd. The custom data field and the template name need to match EXACTLY otherwise it won't match the template to the data field. 

Step #1: Go to the People Page, click the Actions button, and select Download Active people. If you are starting from scratch then you'd just create a CSV with the custom data fields you want to have. Ideally using actual customer data points, but replacing their name/email with yours. That way when you go live, everything will match. 

Notice the two "Support Team" name/email's at the top of this list and how there are no custom data points, we're about to change that! 

Step #2: Open your Excel, find the data you want to update your users with, delete everything else. 

At the start you'll notice my two newly added people with no custom data. Here's how they look after including the custom data I want and deleting everything else, including people and excess columns I didn't want to import: 

Step #3: Importing this list to update your user. 

Step #4: Go back to the People Page to make sure the users have been updated and the templates are matching as they should: 

You'll notice the additional custom data points, but most importantly, the Survey Template has been updated! Now you'd click that "Email" button next to your user's name/email and test to see how the template looks! 

Testing Workflows: 

Now that you have a response in the books, you are able to manually trigger workflows to yourself to ensure that they are looking how you want them to. 

To get to your response you'd click on the Response page icon and you can either scroll for your response or type it into the search function.

Once you have a few workflows set up, all you'd need to do is click on the "Workflow" button highlighted below on your response:

Once you click that button, you'll get a list of Workflows to pick from, click on the one you are currently testing:

If you don't match the criteria of the workflow or it has already been triggered you'll see a message like this: 

Note: When you manually run a workflow like I'm displaying, it will send immediately! It won't be delayed by any rules/delay you have set up in the workflow. 

It's Glorious!!! 

I would suggest leaving 1 score that you've submitted on your system, that way if you make new workflows in the future, you can search for your original response and send yourself new workflows without having to submit a new survey response.
However if you want to delete your response...

Deleting your response: 

Note that this should be active for all accounts, if you're an Admin user. If it's not, please reach out to the support team by clicking on the Intercom logo in the bottom right hand screen, or emailing support@asknice.ly

Step #1: Find your response and click on the "..." (ellipse menu): 

Step #2: Select Delete > Are you sure? : 

And now your response is no more! 

I hope this helps you with your testing. Again if you have any questions please reach out to support@asknice.ly or chat us up with the Intercom chat icon in the bottom right of your screen! 

Version 1.1.0

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