Send an AskNicely customer feedback survey when a case is marked as closed in your Freshdesk account.

Basic setup:

Within FreshDesk, click Admin > Observer (under Helpdesk Productivity section)

Click create new rule

Enter the following in the rule setup:

Rule Name:
AskNicely WebHook


When any of these events occur:
Status is changed from “Any Status” to “Closed”
(alternatively you could create other configurations here to suit your own needs)

And the events are performed by:

On tickets with these properties
this can be left as default.

Perform these actions
Trigger WebHook
       Request Type: GET
       CallBackURL: You will need to get this from your AskNicely account by going to settings > integrations > freshdesk and copy your unique AskNicely call back URL

And click save.

Next steps:

Now you have the integration setup, the trigger will be run every time the conditions you setup are met. 

You also have the control of the AskNicely contact rule to ensure that customers are not surveyed too often - learn more about contact rules and other send settings here:

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