Welcome to AskNicely! If you’re just joining us, you’re probably excited to reach out to your customers and bring in all that feedback you've been waiting for. That's awesome! If you’re not sure where to start, let us make some recommendations. 

For the most part, these activities can be done before meeting with your Activation Manager, but if you find yourself hung up on any of these items, feel free to reach out with any questions you have. 

You also don’t have to do all these in this order, but we do find that this sequence makes activation the easiest. To learn about each step, click the link. 


1 - Survey

Configure your survey so it looks and reads the way you want before you send it to your customers.

2 - Bring in People Data

Configure your integration or upload your CSV, and make sure your customer data looks the way you want it to and shows you the information you need. 

3 - Email Domain (Recommended)

Your customers know you! Add your email domain so your surveys and communications come from an address in your domain, instead of an AskNicely domain. This will brand the surveys with your domain and increase response rates as well as insure your surveys are not marked as spam or junk.   

4 - Users (Optional)

AskNicely works best when your whole team uses it, so make sure to add the others who might be helping you to keep on top of your feedback. There are several options for users: Admin, User, and Read Only.

5 - Workflows (Recommended)

Workflows are awesome, plain and simple. They automatically send an email based on trigger conditions you set. Want to follow up with people who don’t leave comments? Workflow. Want to be alerted any time someone leaves a detractor score? Workflow! Want to direct your promoter customers to a review site so they can tell everyone how great you are? Workflow. 

6 - Testing Surveys

Send a few test surveys to make sure they look and function the way you want, including triggering workflows.

7 - Scheduling Surveys

Schedule your surveys to go out regularly and a steady rate so you can reply to and make use of feedback as it comes in.

Cleared for Launch

Once you’ve completed steps 1-7, it’ll be time to set up a call with your Activation Manager to do one last check of your AskNicely system. If everything’s good, you’ll set your schedulers to run, and your AskNicely system to start sending surveys, and you’ll be launched! 

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to click the help button in the bottom right hand corner to chat with our friendly Support team. 

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