Once you have SMS up and running, you are able to set up both Workflows and Alerts via SMS. You'll notice that these two workflows are now available on the Workflow page: 

Quick note: 

Every SMS message, be it; the survey, alerts, workflows, and replies, all count as a SMS message and are charged accordingly. 

Another Quick Note:
Make sure to include something to identify you in your workflows, like your company name, in case your customer deleted their first SMS. They may not recognize the number when you send your workflow. 

How to set up a "Reply to Customer" SMS Workflow: 

Set up is very similar to the workflows you'd use for email. For this example we'll be focusing on a Detractor that hasn't left a comment, similar to the Follow Up on Blank Comments workflow. Below is the criteria you'd need to set it up for a Detractor without a comment: 

You'll notice a quick difference, with SMS the message sends immediately and no delay is worked into the sending of this workflow.
Here's how it looks for the end user:  

This is how it will look within AskNicely on the Response Modal: 

SMS Alerts: 

These are very similar to custom alerts and since these are typically internal I'd suggest using the email workflow instead of the SMS Alert to save yourself texting fees. 

Mobile Number: This is where you'd include the internal number that you'd want to have this alert sent to.
SMS Body: You can include up to 320 characters, but a reminder that a single text message limit is 160 characters, use them wisely. 

Here's how it would appear on your phone: 


If I have both their email and SMS number and I have both detractor workflows for email and SMS, if I send an SMS survey, which workflow will they get? They will receive a SMS workflow. If you send an SMS survey, they will only ever get SMS workflows, our system is set up to block email workflows when the sending platform is SMS. 

Will the phone number the workflow comes from be the same the SMS survey came from? Yes, it'll show up in the same text thread. 

Will I get an email alert when someone responses to an SMS workflow? The response will show up on the response modal like it would for email workflows. However you will not get an email alert that someone has responded to your workflow. My suggestion would be to mark all responses as "Open" when they come in, using the "Conversation Status" Workflow

Version 1.1.0

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