Send a triggered survey when a contact in MailChimp changes. You can also just update the user if you'd prefer not to trigger a survey, I will show you both options. 

First lets go to the MailChimp Webhook page. Click the Cog Wheel in the top right corner > Integrations > MailChimp webhook. That'll bring you to this page: 

1) Go to your MailChimp account and select the list you would like to use
2) Click the Settings menu and select Webhooks

3) Copy the URL from your MailChimp Webhook page into the MailChimp "Webhook URL" field. 

4) You can trigger the webhook when a customer subscribes, unsubscribes, profile updates (details changed), cleaned address, email changed, or campaign sending. 

5) In the "Only send update when a change is made..." you can select; by a subscriber, by an account admin, via the API. 

Here's how a user who's been imported will look: 

Unlike the standard MailChimp Integration we are able to bring over custom contact fields, the caveat being they are labeled as "mmerge3", "mmerge4", and so on. 

Modifying the Webhook

There are a few things you're able to do by modifying the Webhook. 

Here's the standard Webhook:


1) Triggering the survey with a 7 day delay. Since the delay is in minutes you'd need to do a little math, 60min x 24hr x 7 days = 10,080 minutes, which would show as "&delayminutes=10080" The webhook would look like this:

2) If you just want to update a user and not trigger a survey. This is helpful if you're using your daily scheduler to respect contact rules or sending other types of surveys as well. We'd just add "&addonly=1" to the end of the Webhook. Here's how that updated webhook would look:

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