It can be very useful to see all the past surveys you've sent out and who's responded and who hasn't. You're able to see who's opened/seen and who's left a score/comment. 

There are two ways to do this, either downloading the data as an excel document OR you can send it as a json request. We'll start with the Excel Option. 

Note: This is different than Downloading responses from the response page and Downloading from the People page. It's a merging of the two with the addition of people who haven't responded. 

Getting your historical data in an excel spreadsheet

Here's the skeleton URL you'll need and I'll tell you what everything means:

  • This would be your AskNicely domain, in the bottom example this is Jarvis, our fake airline. 
  • api/v1/responses/desc: This is v1 of our API and you're looking to download responses in descending order. I wouldn't change much here. 
  • 10000/1/0: This is the number of surveys you want to look at: 10,000. So it will pull the last 10,000 emails you've sent. Modify this as needed. I've done 500,000 for bigger accounts but adjust as needed. The 1 is what page do you want to start on? I'd leave this as 1. The 0 is "since_time" which looks for a unix timestamp for when you want to start the search. I always have 0 to show the most recent surveys are included. 
  • /excel/raw?: This is saying that we would like to export this data as an Excel document with the raw data/information. 
  • X-apikey=APIKEY: This is where you'd need to include your actual APIKEY, replacing the letters with that. It would look something like: X-apikey=e19c38...  
  • How to find your APIKEY: Click on the Cog Wheel in the bottom left hand corner > My Settings and just under your name/email up top you'll click Show API Key
  • &realdates=yes: If you exclude this everything will be in a unix timestamp, I prefer real dates :-) 

Your final URL will look something like this once all of changes have been made. This URL is presuming your Domain=Jarvis and the APIKEY=123abc

Here's a snapshot of what the Excel will look like: 

The biggest thing to note is the "-1" scores. That means they did NOT submit a survey response. You'll notice rows 4, 5, 6 all have -1 with no opened date, which means they haven't seen the email. Row 7 shows an opened date, which means they opened the email but did not respond. This download will include ALL custom data points that you have on AskNicely. 

Getting your historical data in a json request

  • The only change: right after 100000/1/0 I changed "excel" to "json", that's the only update. 

Here's a snapshot of how that data shows up on a web page format: 

Any questions, feel free to reach out via the chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the screen! 

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