After installing the AskNicely Dynamics integration, do the following to display your NPS responses on the contact layout:

1. Display the contact's most recent response

  1. Within Dynamics, view an individual contact
  2. In the top menu, click <FORM>
  3. Select your desired tab (e.g. "Summary")
  4. Click the INSERT tab at the top and select Section > One Column
  5. Double-click the new section to change its label to "Most Recent NPS".
  6. In the right column's Field Explorer, double-click the NPS fields to add them to the form.
  7. Double-click the NPS Comment field to configure it to display more than 1 row of text.
  8. Click to save then publish.

2. Display all responses for the contact

  1. On the same screen as above, select the tab and section as desired.
  2. Click the INSERT tab and select Sub-Grid.
  3. Under Data Source, set Entity to "AskNicely Responses".
  4. Click <New>, enter a name, and then click Add Columns.
  5. Select the desired columns, e.g. Responded, Comment, etc.
  6. Save your new view, then select it from the list.
  7. Click to save then publish.

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