• Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • AskNicely with Dynamics Module

Connect Dynamics and AskNicely in minutes

How to Integrate with Dynamics:
(1) Log into your AskNicely account
(2) Click on the App Store, located in the bottom left corner of your AskNicely Dashboard, select Integrate

(3) Find and click on "Dynamics"
(4) Begin configuring the integration
(5) If you are prompted to log in to Microsoft Dynamics, please do so.
(6) When asked to grant AskNicely permission to Dynamics, click "Accept" 

(7) You will be returned to AskNicely's Dynamics integration page.
(8) Follow the on-screen instructions for importing AskNicely's managed solution into your Dynamics instance.

Next Steps

At this point, you have done all that is required for AskNicely to send its responses to Dynamics.  Many users choose to get additional value from our Dynamics integration by doing some or all of the following:

  1. Display NPS on contacts
  2. Automatically survey groups of contacts

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