There's a lot of functionality on the People page and we'll cover all of that in this help article. 


This bar allows you to separate your Active and Inactive individuals. You'll also notice the Status bar in the Column Sorting section. Here are the possible options you'll see:  
: They will be surveyed if...

  • They are available to be surveyed by the Daily Scheduler
  • Manually triggered emails
  • Survey Blast send if they are eligible based on contact rules

Inactive: Quite a few status here... 

  • Deactivated: They were either manually deactivated or deactivated as part of your Integration, which happens if they are no longer on the list of users you're importing. 
  • Unsubscribed: They clicked the Unsubscribe button within the AskNicely email, manually unsubscribed by someone in your account, or submitted a privacy request or a user on your account submitted a privacy request by either the "delete all data" button or the Privacy button... both covered later. 
  • Email: hard_bounce: This means that the email address is incorrect or doesn't exist and you may need to check/update your records. 
  • Email: soft_bounce: This will happen when the email is correct but the mailbox is full, their server is down, or too large for the recipients inbox. 
  • Special Note: When using InApp/Web Survey, people who are "Deactivated" can still be shown a survey, so if you really don't wanting them to receive a survey, you'll have to unsubscribe them. 

**Action Buttons**

Import People: This opens up a plethora of options on how you can import people manually or triggered. 

Add Person: This will let you manually add a person to AskNicely. While this is easy to do, ideally you're using a CSV to upload customers so you can include additional custom data.


  • Download Active People: This will only include people who are currently Active, anyone Inactive will be left off. 
  • Download Unsubscribed: Quick access to a list of people who have Unsubscribed from AskNicely surveys. 
  • Download Everyone: This includes people on both the Active and Inactive pages. 
  • Deactivate Everyone: This is good if you want to clean out your Active list. This moves everyone to Inactive, then the next CSV you upload or the next time your integration syncs it will move anyone who needs to be active back into the active category. Don't worry, we'll still track the last time we sent them an email :-) 
  • Delete Everyone: This just opens the "Reset" page, which you can also find by clicking the Cog Wheel > Account > Reset. Which then tells you to reach out to us on Intercom (bottom right chat bubble) and we'll take care of deleting the data for you so it's not done "accidentally" 

**Search Box**

To activate the search box you'll just click inside where it says "Search", then the search options will appear next to the search box. 

You are able to pick any custom data point you have along with the basic Name and Email options. Once you select your search filter then type in your search criteria and hit "enter". 

**Column Sorting** 

You're able to click on quite a few of the columns in order to sort all of the data by that column, either alphabetically or time frame. You're able to click it once for Descending to Ascending or clicking it a 2nd time for Ascending to Descending order. 

  • Name: This is based off the first letter in the first name. Sort either A to Z or Z to A. 
  • Segment: Sort the segment name alphabetically. 
  • Emailed: From most recent to longest duration. If you click it again it will show you the who was surveyed the longest ago, but it leads with those who have never been surveyed. 
  • Created: This will be the day they were added to AskNicely, unless you're using the Intercom Integration, then it's the day that the user was created in Intercom. 
  • You are unable to sort by: Custom Data, Status, or Survey Template. 

**Bulk Options** 

If you need to do a big job in a quick time, the top bar is wonderful for bulk processing. 

Select All on Page: This will select every person on the page, each page being at most 100 people before moving to a new page. This is great also for if you need to filter a certain user group, you can do so with the search box and then select all on page for an action. I will also use this option to select everyone and then I'll deselect a few people I don't want in this action... it's easier than clicking on 75+ individual boxes :-) 

Queue: This will add everyone or anyone selected on the page to the email Queue. They will be automatically sent out the next time your daily scheduler is triggered, or you can manually trigger the email send from the Queue page, which is part of the Send page. 

Reactivate: Used for a group of Inactive people in order to bring them back to the Active category. This will NOT work for Unsubscribed individuals, only those who have been Deactivated. 

Deactivate: Remove people in bulk from the Active page and move them to Inactive. 

Unsubscribe: Preventing those individuals from ever receiving another survey from your account. 

Privacy: This will remove any data that is associated with the individuals and add their email to the Email Blocklist, which prevents them from ever being added to your account again. This is an extreme measure, use with caution, it's primarily used as a company wide GDPR request. The user will show up as such: 

**Individual Options**

 This primarily provides the same options as the Bulk Options but on an individual scale. 

Queue: Add this individual to the Queue. 

Email: This will immediately email that individual. You can select from any template when using this message, even if that is not the template this customer would normally receive.

Person Icon: Highlighted above will provide you with a few options, explained in a pop-up: 

There you have the ins and outs of the People page! You can always reach out by clicking on that logo in the bottom right corner of your screen should you have any questions. 

Version 1.1.0

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