For most plans, you are able to set up your Daily Schedule to email different groups of people at different times of the day and set up different contact rules! 

First let's head over to your Send page of AskNicely to see what the default the below. Also note we've added "Global Contact Rules" that become your default:

The default, explained here, is to send to Everyone and send 50 surveys per day. If we click on the Add button we're able to customize a new scheduler. Let's do it by Country, that way I can select what time I want to send it out based on the time zone! Once I selected "country_c" the next field shows a drop down, making it easier to select! 

I've decided that I want to send 20 surveys to my New Zealand Customers at 10am on every week day. I've also wanted to make custom contact rules. This allows me to email this segment every 90 days, while the default is saying to wait 180 days before sending another survey. 

Well that's swell for the NZ folks, but what about people living in Europe or The States? Fear not... we've got you covered! Below are two examples for how it would set up for a country in the UK and in America. 

For the emails to be sent at 10am in the UK I adjust the time to show 21:00 since the send schedule is in NZ time. Please note that depending on when you're looking at this article, that may change with daylight savings, so please check google accordingly :-) .

In the US, they are a full 19 hours behind. 5am NZ time on Tuesday is 10am Portland (PST) time on Monday. We modify the schedule so on US Friday (NZ Saturday) we're still sending out surveys to the appropriate customers at the appropriate time. 

Here they all are stacked together: 

Based on the above: 

  • NZ will send Monday to Friday at 10am NZ time. Waiting at least 90 days before contacting again with a new survey. 
  • UK will send Monday to Friday at 21:00 NZ time, which is 10am in the UK. They are following the Global contact rules which say to wait 180 days before contacting with a new survey. 
  • US will send Tuesday to Saturday at 5:00 NZ time, which is Monday to Friday 10am Portland, USA time. Their contact rules way to wait at least 60 days before contacting again with a new survey. 

You are able to use varying data points but I would highly encourage you not to cross pollenate too much as one individual could qualify for several different segments and be sent an email at the wrong time of day or frequency. 

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