***PLEASE NOTE: The Intercom Messenger Chat Surveys DO NOT WORK with our new Conversational format/design. If you were not already using this integration as your primary survey method prior to December 2019, then your account is not compatible with this feature. ***

Trigger feedback surveys in Intercom Messenger to instantly understand the needs of unhappy customers or to nurture satisfied customers into advocates, generating repeat business or referrals. 

Connecting the AskNicely NPS Chat App for Intercom Messenger

The first step when installing the AskNicely NPS Chat App is to connect your AskNicely and Intercom accounts together. Don't worry: when you connect your accounts, we won't send any action immediately - you'll have a chance to make sure everything is ready to go before sending your surveys.

When in your Intercom account, select 'App Store' from the menu on the left, then 'Messenger Apps', and then 'AskNicely NPS Chat'. Choose the 'Install Now' option.

Choose 'Connect' from the screen that shows next.

Sign in to your AskNicely account.

Successfully connecting your accounts will take you back to Intercom.

Sending Surveys in Intercom Messenger 

Now that the AskNicely NPS Chat App for Messenger is installed you will be able to include an NPS survey in any message you send to customers in-app, including:

  • One to one conversations in progress
  • Manual messages
  • Auto messages

An example would be scheduling an in-app message containing a survey to customers who meet the criteria "Nps-response last occurred more than 90 days ago" or "Nps-response count less than 3".

When composing the message, you can insert an app in the same way you'd insert an image or button.

The message is now ready to schedule, or send!

What Customers See

Customers using your website that meet the criteria set when you created your message containing the AskNicely NPS Chat App, will see a survey like the example below.

The survey question, and feedback topics will be those set in AskNicely, and the colours will be those set for your Intercom Messenger in Intercom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between AskNicely's Intercom Integration and the Intercom Messenger App?

The AskNicely NPS Chat App for Intercom Messenger lets you schedule surveys using Intercom's powerful in-built filters and auto messaging, and have the surveys appear within the Intercom Messenger.

AskNicely's Intercom Integration lets you trigger NPS surveys by email (or web / sms) based on your Intercom "segments", and sends the resulting scores and feedback into Intercom to be saved against the contact record.

Can I use the Intercom Messenger App and the AskNicely Intercom Integration together?

The Integration and the Messenger App are completely separate and can each be used on their own, or together. 

How does AskNicely decide who gets what survey template?
If you're using templates these are linked to customers by the defined trigger field and custom data on that customer. Surveys sent by email, and surveys sent by Messenger App will use the relevant template.
Does my daily schedule limit play a part in how many AskNicely NPS Chat App for Intercom Messenger surveys can be sent?
The daily scheduler only controls email survey sends. Intercom Messenger surveys are triggered within Intercom using Intercom's in-built filters and messaging scheduler.

Within the daily schedule, can I limit how many AskNicely NPS Chat App for Intercom Messenger surveys are sent?
The daily schedule only controls email and web surveys sent, and has no influence on Intercom Messenger surveys which are controlled within Intercom.

How will these results look in AskNicely? Will it match the Intercom Segment name?
The NPS score and feedback results will look the same as other survey result in AskNicely. We do not currently add any custom data showing how a survey was sent.

If we don't have an email address for a customer, but send them a survey in Intercom Messenger, how will this work?
The customer will receive the survey in Intercom Messenger, but no email workflows will be sent afterward. In AskNicely the customer will appear with their unique ID from Intercom.

Does this work on Mobile Applications?
Unfortunately the Intercom Messenger App survey doesn't function correctly on mobile applications, specifically iOS devices. The customer will be able to choose a score and type in a comment, but when they click "finish" they get the spinning wheel of death. AskNicely will record their score on your account but no comment will pass through. Unfortunately there is nothing AskNicely can do to fix this as it is an Intercom issue with their functionality.

If a customer receives a survey in Intercom Messenger, and a workflow follow-up is triggered, how will this follow-up be sent?
Follow-ups triggered in AskNicely would be sent via email.

What happens when I manually send an AskNicely NPS Chat survey in Intercom to a user who's not imported into AskNicely?
A new person will be created in AskNicely, however they will not have any custom data associated.

How can I filter results between AskNicely's email surveys, website surveys from my website, and Intercom Messenger app surveys?
We do not currently add any custom data showing how a survey was sent so you are not able to filter between delivery methods yet but our team is working on this.

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