Integrating AskNicely and Marketing Cloud lets you surface NPS scores and feedback to your team directly in Marketing Cloud. 

Connecting AskNicely to Marketing Cloud 

The first step when integrating AskNicely and Marketing Cloud is to connect your accounts together. Don't worry: when you connect your accounts, we won't send any action immediately - you'll have a chance to make sure everything is ready to go before sending your surveys.

Make sure you're logged in to both your AskNicely and Marketing Cloud accounts, then do the following:

In Marketing Cloud, navigate to Settings > Setup, Platform Tools > Apps, Installed Packages

Select the AskNicely Package you created when setting up the integration with Marketing Cloud Journey Builder and choose 'Add Component'.

Select 'API Integration' from the component types.

Select server-to-server

Check the options to enable read and write permissions for Data Extensions and Contacts, then save.

Copy the ClientID and Secret and Authentication Base URI from the API Integration Component, go to your Integrations page in AskNicely, select Marketing Cloud, and add the ClientID and Secret into the relevant area.

Inside of Marketing Cloud Contact Builder, create a new Data Extension called AskNicely with the following attributes: 

  • Email address: Email Address
  • NPS score: Number
  • Comment: Text
  • Segment: Text
  • Survey response date: Date
  • Topic: Text
  • Do not contact: Boolean
  • user_id: can be Email Address, Text, or Number (i.e., whatever is used to link contact data)

Note: The spelling and upper/lowercase wording above has to match EXACTLY otherwise AskNicely won't pick up the field. 

In Data Designer, select 'Create Attribute Group' and give it a name like "NPS Results"

Create a new Attribute Group, called e.g. NPS Results.

Then add the AskNicely data extension to the attribute group, and link to contact.

Link your Customer Data to the AskNicely data extension.

This example shows linking via email address, but you may use any link e.g, via contact key and user_id.

If done correctly, when in AskNicely on your Integrations page, you will see the message "Marketing Cloud is configured correctly" as shown below:

NPS Scores and feedback will begin showing in Marketing Cloud as soon as customers complete surveys.

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