One of the easiest ways to ensure that your organization’s culture is customer-centric is to create visibility into feedback across all levels of your organization. 

To do this, use your spare AskNicely licenses to invite members of your executive team by going to Settings > Users > Users > "Add User" button. We recommend granting the "User" user role instead of "Admin", 'cause.... well, you know how execs can be. ;)

With activated licenses in AskNicely, they can then directly participate in conversations with customers and receive regular email reports based on specific segments of your data.

To create these automatically emailed reports, use the “saved view” feature in AskNicely.

  1. Click "Add Filter" on the dashboard to zero in on the data that is of most interest to you
  2. Create a "saved view" by clicking the bookmark ribbon icon above your organization’s logo.
  3. Choose a name for your "saved view", share it across your organization, and subscribe to a daily, weekly, or monthly email digest.

Your executive team can subscribe to saved views that they find relevant; for example, they may be curious about the NPS across your VIP clients, or the NPS as it pertains to a specific team. What they see might shock them!

Please reach out to our awesome Support Team at if you have further questions. Thank you1

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