AskNicely allows you to send personalized emails at scale by using custom data tags. This lets you easily customize emails to include a customer's first or last name, their company, their account manager, the NPS score they gave, or the product that they’ve purchased by adding the name of the field in curly mustache brackets - for example: {company}.

When you’re creating email templates, you’ll see all custom data tags available to you on the left hand side. 

When you use that email template as a response, you’ll see that all custom data points populate automatically using the information associated with that customer. This makes it incredibly easy to send these emails at scale without the manual process of looking up information associated with each individual account.

Fallback feature:
You may want to add a fallback field in case a referenced data point is blank. 

For example: without a fallback, if you reference a first name with the {firstname} tag, but don't have a first name on file, it would come back with "Hi, " with a blank space. If you add "Hi {firstname fallback Chief}," your email would begin with "Hi Chief," whenever it couldn't locate that first name. Much better than a blank space!

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