Your team will deal with a range of feedback, including issues, praise, complaints, and support requests. By tagging your messages and sharing your findings, you can make sure the right feedback is available to the right people in your company. Over time you will gather a collection of valuable information about everything your customers are telling you - and it will all be easily searchable later. 

How to tag a conversation

To tag a conversation, simply go to the relevant message, click on Notes, and add a relevant hashtag using #[tagname].

Identify topics and trends in your feedback

When you and your team are consistently tagging over time, you'll gather valuable information that can show trends in the feedback you receive, letting you see which issues impact the most customers. Tagging feedback with general tags like "#issue" or "#request" lets you search for these things later and see all responses about that topic. 

To easily find feedback with a particular tag, either click on the tag to see all responses using that tag, or at the top of the page select Add Filter, Hashtag, and then choose the tag you are interested in. 

In this example, we're interested in feedback about #delay.

This will show all responses that have the “#delay” tag, and how many there have been over a particular timeframe.

Share your report with relevant teammates

When you need to report this data, it's easy to bookmark a report from the Dashboard, and share it with teammates. When viewing with filters, just click Save Filter next to the filter name.


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