Now you can tag teammates any time you need to discuss or escalate feedback from a customer. Just add a note and tag them using @ and their name, and they'll get notified (by email or push notification). 

Tags are perfect for getting input from the right people, fast.

How to add teammates to conversations

On the "Responses" page, on the feedback you want to share, select Note. In the note area, type "@" followed by the teammate's name and any information you'd like to share with them internally. Then select Send.

Your teammate will see a notification in AskNicely, and also receive an email letting them know there is an internal note they've been mentioned in. 

If they use the AskNicely iPhone or Android apps they will have push notifications available.

Pass on positive customer feedback to your teammates, share issues, and empower your team to address and answer customer questions fast.

There are a few different methods that an individual can be added to the "Notify Me" list: 

  1. The individual clicks on the "Notify Me" button within the response modal
  2. You're tagged in a reply by a colleague using the @ sybmol
  3. If you respond to a comment in the response modal or a customer replies to an automatic workflow that you've been set as the "notification email". 
  4. Push Notifications are turned on within the AskNicely Mobile App
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