At AskNicely we have a number of customers whose business covers multiple regions, sites, or franchises. For customers like these there is an Executive Dashboard available to enable your team to have greater control of, and visibility into sub-accounts.

See NPS overall, by group, or by site

When you come into the Executive Dashboard, the first thing you'll notice is the total score which shows you things like NPS score, surveys sent, and total number of promoters, passives, and detractors, from all sub-accounts. Below that is a list of all sub-accounts and their individual stats.

Once a group has been created you will be able to see NPS subtotals for that group of sub-accounts. For example, you can create groups for each region and quickly compare how businesses in each region are performing.

How to create a group

It's easy to create a group of sub-accounts in the Executive Dashboard. Just scroll to the bottom of the Dashboard, enter a name for the group into the "Group Name" area at the bottom of the Dashboard, and select the "Add Group" button. Once a group has been created you can drag and drop sub-accounts into that group.

How to order groups and sub-accounts

You can drag and drop sub-accounts into any order within a group, as well as between groups. Note that sub-accounts can only be in one group at a time.

Use the up and down arrows on the top-right of the group to move it up or down in the groups order.

How to edit or remove groups

You can edit a group name by selecting the pencil icon alongside the name, and delete a group by selecting the trash can (groups need to be empty before they can be deleted.

Seamlessly navigate between accounts

Selecting a sub-account from the Executive Dashboard will open that account so you can drill down into more detail. At the top of the page is navigation to return to the Executive Dashboard view, or move between sub-accounts.

Executive Dashboard Feedback Topics

You also have the ability to see and group together your Feedback Topics. You can see how each account is doing as an overall NPS score but further break down those results to your feedback topics and how their individual NPS scores as well. 

Reach out if you have any questions, or feedback.

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