After setting up your Contact Layout you might want to do the same with your Account Layout. This will allow you to view all AskNicely responses for a given account without having to track down the individual contact! 

Important Notice: In order for this to work, you need to have Account ID added to any Report you are adding to AskNicely. Also be sure to link this to Account ID within the Matching Fields of any Report. 

Step #1: Go into the Setup for your Salesforce account then to Customize > Accounts > Page Layouts. You'll want to select the layout you want do edit, and click edit  

Step #2: In the top left bar that starts with Fields  you want to select Related List  and search for AskNicely Responses. Now drag and drop that where you want to under the Related List header.

Step #3: Click on the wrench located above AskNicely Responses to edit the fields you want displayed. Our recommendations are seen below in the Selected Fields:

Be sure to save your work and now under an Account view you will have an AskNicely Responses box very similar to the below: 

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