Zapier is a great tool that you can utilize to bring the data you want from a plethora of different platforms. Today we'll cover how to add people to AskNicely (adding a person, not triggering a survey) from MailChimp. We're using the New Subscriber in Segment for this example but you can use this for many different triggers, so explore and have fun1 

Step 1: Log into Zapier and Make a Zap!
Step 2: Search and Select MailChimp as the Trigger
Step 3: Select "New Subscriber in Segment

Step #4: Connect your MailChimp Account
Step #5: Select the List then the Segment that you are looking to import.
Step #6: Test it out!
Step #7: Click on Action and search for AskNicely
Step #8: Select "Add Person". This will add them without triggering a survey. If you want to trigger a survey right away, click on Add Survey Participant 

Step #9: Connect your AskNicely account
Step #10: Edit your template. Name and Email are required and you can include any additional information along with that. One key piece is the Segment, as this is the name that will be shown as the Segment name for AskNicley. 

Final Step: Test it out and make it active! 

Now when you add anyone to that Segment (either manually or automatically) they will be brought into AskNicley! Example below: 

As you can see it brought over some custom data that I had for that individual as well. 

There you have it! Test it out and enjoy! You can chime into Intercom with any questions you may have and we'd be happy to help! 

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