In this article we will cover what to do once you have a report in AskNicely and all the options you have when it comes to sending out NPS Surveys. 

Enabled Button: The first thing you'll notice on the left is an Enabled  button. This allows you to decide if you want to sync reports as part of the daily sync or not. If you turn this off the people currently on the list will stay as Active people within AskNicely and no further updates will be made. 

The following steps are for if you turn on the Triggered  feature. If you don't, then your report will still sync daily and import new people into AskNicely to be added to your Daily Schedule and Contact Rules. 

Triggered: When synced, all eligible contacts found will be surveyed immediately. 

  • What is an eligible contact?  newly added contacts and/or people on the list that are past the number of days specified on the Contact Rules
  • Sync time: Adjust your sync time accordingly, the sync time is the time of day the emails will be sent via the Trigger feature.
  • Case Closed Reports: Details how to set this up to follow

Send Max: The maximum amount of surveys you want triggered every time your report is synced. This will prevent additional surveys, beyond this number, being send with each sync, regardless of how big the report is. 

Contact Rules: Number of days before a customer is eligible for a new survey. 

  • Caveat with Triggers: When a survey is triggered, that person is added to AskNicely and your People Tab. This means they have the potential to be surveyed again in the future if your Daily schedule is set to Everybody . If you'd like to avoid that, please adjust your Daily Schedule to exclude the Segments that are set up to Trigger
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