At AskNicely, we are super impressed with Zapier. A friend described Zapier as "the glue that holds the internet together."

We couldn’t agree more, so we are thrilled to be launching our Zapier app. If you have a Zapier account already, get started with our invite only App.

In simple terms, you can connect AskNicely to the 500+ cloud services in Zapier and wire these services together to create what Zapier calls "Zaps".

*Zapier is a paid service but they do have a free plan which limits some premium integrations and includes 100 free tasks per month.

What can I do?

Our app does two things.

New Response : When a customer responds to an AskNicely survey, we push this response into Zapier which includes the customers name, email, score, comment etc.

You can now send that information to your CRM or to your team messaging platform like FlowDock, HipChat or another Zapier app. The possibilities are endless.

Create a Survey : This is cool. When an event happens in your CRM or cloud tool, you can send that event to AskNicely and create a new survey. The most basic information we need is name and email for the survey. You can also manually configure the survey delay time just in case you don't want the survey to go out for, say, 7 days.

Getting Started.

  1. Create a Zapier account. The free account offers 100 tasks, some apps are not available on the free account like Salesforce (we have a native integration for Salesforce).
  2. Get access to our app here. AskNicely Zapier App
  3. Create a new Zap, you will now see AskNicely in the list of services you have access to.

Quick Demo - Creating an AskNicely to FlowDock Zap

Super Advanced:

Use this section if you want to send more data than the default options provided

To send extra data to AskNicely in a structured manner. You can send YAML data in the "Zapier Extra Info" field.

  1. Make sure the first line starts with "YAML"
  2. Then each line is the field name with no spaces then a ": " then the value. eg ticket_id: 123

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