Goal: Learn how to group, categorize, and slice/dice data with the Dashboard.

Prerequisites: A passing interest in data visualization and a thirst for adventure.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard is the first thing you’ll see when you log in to AskNicely - this is the your hub for exploring, grouping, categorizing, slicing, and dicing your NPS responses by whatever factors you please.

Everything is clickable, and is designed to give you an up-to-the-moment, at-a-glance summary of what your Customer Experience is like. Is it is peppered with joyful moments? Hindered by fixable roadblocks? Kinda... blah? Seeing breakdowns of these aggregated, grouped responses will give you an immediate insight into how your organization is performing from the customer's perspective. 

Let’s take a look at what you can expect to find on your dashboard.


a) Navigation Bar
b) Dashboard Menu
c) Filter Bar
d) NPS display
e) Leaderboards
f) Response Quick View
g) AskNicely TV Button

The Navigation Bar (a)

The Navigation Bar is visible on every page of AskNicely. From here, you can quickly jump to the main parts of your AskNicely platform. Different user access levels will have different buttons, so your visibility may vary. Below we have noted the visibility with typical user roles.

Navigation Bar Icons

  1. Dashboard
  2. Setup Page (Super-Admin only)
  3. Response Page
  4. People Page (Admin only)
  5. Workflows (Admin only)
  6. Send Page (Admin only)
  7. Survey (Admin Only)
  8. Settings

Note: The Setup button is temporary and will disappear once your account is fully functional. You can still find this page in your Settings, even after this button has disappeared.

Dashboard Menu (b)

Sections of the Dashboard Menu:

  • Overview: The main dashboard/home page
  • Leaderboards: A ranking based on data points that you track in AskNicely. For example, you might look by customer tier, and find that your Gold-Level customers are rating you higher than your Bronze-level customers. This is sometimes used to show NPS as connected to specific representatives.
  • Themes: Breaks your NPS score down by themes in comments, as analyzed by our keyword detection. 
  • Questions: This will show the list of questions asked and the data associated with them. If you have our Additional Questions package, each of your questions will be displayed here.
    Note: If you use the same question title in multiple surveys with Additional Questions, the answers to that question will be aggregated together under this questions section. 
  • Reports: Features at-a-glance information including survey statistics. 

The Filter Bar (c)

Located in the top center of the screen, the Filter Bar is a treasure trove of information that allows you to pick and choose the specific data you're looking for. 

Saved Filters (1): If you’re constantly finding yourself adding similar filters over and over again, try saving your filters to quickly change you view and filters. A word of warning though - it is easy to forget these filters are there, so if you're wondering where some of your data went, check here first!

Date Filter (2): Filter your data based on date range. These dates are based from the current date. Options include: 

  • Today
  • One week or two weeks
  • 1, 2, 3, 6, and 12 months
  • Specific months
  • Custom: Allows you to pick any start and finish date.
    Note: You must select both a Start and End Date for the filters to work.

Add Filter (3): Add a filter specific to any point of data you track in AskNicely


  • NPS Type: Promoter, Passive, Detractors
  • NPS Comments: Has Comment or None
  • Notes: Has Notes or None
  • Messaged: Messaged, Messaged & Replied, Not Messaged
  • Published: Published or Not Published
  • Conversation Status: Open or Closed
  • Hashtag: Any internal hashtags you've used to track data will show up here. 

NPS Display (d)

This panel displays your survey results at a glance, including response rates, totals, and trends. All elements except the trend graph update according to the filters set at the filter bar.

  1. NPS Score and increase or decrease over previous period
  2. 6 month trend graph with target line
  3. Basic NPS survey statistics
  4. Expand/Collapse Graph and NPS Data


Leaderboards (e)

Leaderboards are NPS rankings based on data that you track in AskNicely. Any data point that you track can be displayed on a leaderboard, as long as there are more than 5 responses attached to it. 

You can click on the items in the leaderboard, and the responses on the right side will filter to only include responses relevant to that element on the leaderboard. 

For example, if JarvisAir wants to see their responses and comments from people who booked via the app only, they can just click that line on the leaderboard.

Response Quick View (f)

On the far right side of the page you'll get a quick view of the most recent responses that have come into your account. It will also auto update as you click on/off filters, leaderboards, or any questions. 

Clicking any of the responses will open that response in Response Chat.

AskNicely TV (g)

Click the TV Button in the top right to open the AskNicely TV Menu, where you can launch or configure your AskNicely TV slideshow, or view the guide for setting that up. You can also view that very same guide here. 

There you have it! An overview of the main AskNicely Dashboard and all of its capabilities! If you have any questions, please reach out to our awesome support team by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right.

Version 1.1.1

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