• Navigation Bar 
  • Dashboard Menu
  • Filter Bar
  • Survey drop down button
  • Leaderboard options
  • Response Quick View

Section One: Navigation bar

Here's a run down of the left side column of the AskNicely Dashboard and where each button will take you:

Note: The Setup button is temporary and will disappear once your account is fully functional

Section Two: Dashboard Menu

This includes: 

  • Overview: The main dashboard/home page
  • Leaderboards (Left side of picture): The example above shows for Segment but this will be any custom data point that you have within AskNicely. If something isn't ranked, it's because it has <5 responses. 
  • Themes: This is the Theme buckets, aka text analytics. 
  • Questions (Right side of picture): This will show the list of questions asked and the data associated with them. 
  • Reports: Including Statistics page and home of future reporting functions 

Section Three: The Filter Bar

Located in the top center of the screen, the Filter Bar is a treasure trove of information and will allow you to pick and choose the specific data you're looking for.
NOTE: If your Dashboard looks "off" check the filters and change them as needed

Saved Filters: 

  • If you constantly finding yourself adding similar filters over and over again, try saving your filters to quickly change you view and filters. 

Date Filter: 

  • Default Options: Today, 1 week, 2 weeks, then 1, 2, 3, 6, and 12 month(s)
  • These are based off current day: Example - 1 month is the past 30 days
  • Monthly: January through December 
  • Custom: Allowing you to pick any start and finish date

Data Filter:


  • NPS Type: Promoter, Passive, Detractors
  • NPS Comments: Has Comment or None
  • Notes: Has Notes or None
  • Messaged: Messaged, Messaged & Replied, Not Messaged
  • Published: Published or Not Published
  • Conversation Status: Open or Closed
  • Hashtag: Any internal hashtags you've used to track data will show up here. 

Section Four: Dashboard Drop Down

By Default the NPS chart/data is rolled up, but if you click the carrot to the right, it'll drop down and show you the graph along with surveys sent and responded to. 

Section Five: Leaderboard Options

Leaderboards are based on some stock AskNicely information but primarily based on Custom Data that you're bringing into AskNicely. 

It will show you in rank order, based on NPS score, but only if the data point has more than 5 responses attached to it.
Try clicking on one of the items in the leaderboard: 

That's right, the responses on the far right side of the page will update and show you responses that contain that data point! 

Section Six: Response quick view

On the far right side of the page you'll get a quick view of the most recent responses that have come into your account. It will also auto update as you click on/off filters, leaderboards, or any questions. 

There you have it! An overview of the main AskNicely Dashboard and all of its capabilities! 

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