At AskNicely we totally love Slack and have built one of the most powerful integrations between any NPS platform and Slack.  

With our Slack Integration:

  • You can send new survey responses to a public channel.
  • If a customer changes their comment, we update the slack message in real time.
  • We show all email replies to a survey response in Slack and update these as new emails are sent/received.
  • Super powerful: You can use workflows to send a message to a certain slack channel if your rules are met.
  • You can send an NPS digest showing your score, response rate, and change up/down into Slack on a weekly or monthly basis.

An example of a Slack update, including email responses:

An example of a Slack digest, including change compared to previous:

Here's how to get started

  1. Login to AskNicely and select Integrations from the gear menu in the top right.
  2. Select Slack on the left and click "Yes" to push responses into Slack.
  3. Click the authorize button and grant AskNicely permission to your Slack workspace.
  4. Confirm which fields you would like to post, and to which channel.
  5. Choose whether to include an NPS digest, and whether this should happen weekly or monthly.

You can also choose to hide Name if you'd prefer to keep these responses anonymous since it post to a public channel. 

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