AskNicely released version 2 of its Salesforce integration in November 2017.  This new version was built as a managed package, which allows future updates to be automatically pushed to clients.  However, clients who started using the Salesforce integration prior to November 2017 received version 1.6, and action is required of clients who wish to upgrade.

Upgrade options

There are two upgrade paths available:

  1. Switch to the new managed package.  (Recommended)
  2. Add some features without changing packages.

Option 1: How to switch to the new package

This is an upgrade process that should be planned and performed together with AskNicely Support.  This is the recommended approach, as it will give you full functionality and automatic updates.

The process is as follows:

  1. You install our v2 managed package, which adds our v2 custom object and contact fields.  If you have added any custom fields, this is also the time to configure them. - Install Link: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/appxListingDetail?listingId=a0N3000000DU0L9EAL 
  2. We switch to sending new responses to the v2 "AskNicely Response" custom object and Contact fields instead of the v1 "Asknicely" custom object and Contact fields.
  3. We then re-send the past responses to that v2 object and fields.
  4. You update your Salesforce layouts to display the v2 object and fields instead of the v1 fields.
  5. You update any reports, workflows, processes, etc that referenced the v1 object and fields to instead use the v2 data.

Option 2: How to add features to the old package

If you are not ready to switch to the new package, you may choose to add some features manually.  This means you will not receive automatic updates, but your existing layouts, reports, workflows, etc will be preserved.  Much functionality of V2 can be added this way, except for the AskNicely Dashboard and account NPS.

To perform these steps you’ll need a Salesforce login with sufficient privileges.  You will also need to log in to AskNicely.

The step-by-step procedure for this is as follows:

  1. Log in to Salesforce, if you have not already done so.
  2. Click in the top-right to enter the Setup area.
  3. Open the Object Manager.
  4. Select the Contact object.
  5. Select Fields & Relationships
  6. Use the <New> button to add the following fields:
  7. Type: Text, Field Label: NPS Survey Tag, Length: 255, Field Name: NPS_SurveyTag
  8. Type: Date/Time, Field Label: NPS Last Responded, Field Name: NPS_Last_Responded
  9. Go back to the main Object Manager page.
  10. Select the Asknicely object.
  11. Select Fields & Relationships
  12. Use the <Next> button to add the following fields:
  13. Type: Checkbox, Field Label: Do not contact, Field Name: dontcontact
  14. Type: Number, Field Label: NPS calc, Length: 1, Decimal Places: 0, Field Name: npscalc
  15. Type: Number, Field Label: questioncontactid, Field Name: questioncontactid, Tick “Unique”, Tick “External ID”
  16. Type: Text, Field Label: Segment, Length: 255, Field Name: segment
  17. Type: Date/Time, Field Label: Survey Sent, Field Name: surveysent
  18. Type: Text, Field Label: Tag, Length: 255, Field Name: Tag
  19. Trigger AskNicely to download the information about your custom fields by doing the following:
  20. Log in to AskNicely.
  21. Click the gear in the top right and select “Integrations”.
  22. In the left column, find and click “Salesforce”.
  23. Select the “Updates” tab.

Note: If a field is configured incorrectly, no data will be sent to that field.  Please confirm data is arriving as expected within Salesforce after making these changes.

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