To track NPS for a specific segment of customers (ie. brand or relationship NPS), AskNicely can sync with a scheduled custom report and either survey all customers in that group or a fixed number on a daily basis.

This is particularly useful if you want to survey all customers, say, four times a year. Or, perhaps base surveys on particular points in a customer journey, e.g. 30 days after joining, then every six months going forward.

To set this up, here's how:

1. Create the report in Salesforce

Reports should only contain a list of eligible contacts that you would like to survey. The report should have the following columns:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Contact ID (so AskNicely can update the contact record)
  • Account ID (if applicable)

Additional columns (eg. segment, event, agent, account rep) can be added to further customize the survey content and support analytics in AskNicely (like leaderboards)

The report must use the Tabular format, not Summary.

2. Configure the report sync in AskNicely

Step #1: On AskNicely's Salesforce integration page, select the Reports tab.
Step #2: Select your report from the dropdown and click Add Report.

Step #3: Choose which report fields should be imported to which AskNicely fields, then click Confirm.

You can also configure whether surveys should be immediately triggered (on a per-report basis) and what time of day all reports are synced. Learn more about that here.

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