After enabling the Salesforce integration, many users add the AskNicely tab to Salesforce.  This allows the AskNicely dashboard to be viewed without leaving Salesforce and provides the same filtering and leaderboard functionality available on the AskNicely website.

Setting it up consists of two steps: (1) configuring access and (2) adding the tab:

1. Configuring access

(1) Click on Setup in the top menu of Salesforce and select Manage Apps from the Administer Bar then Connected Apps

(2) Find AskNicely in the list and click "Edit"
(3) Under OAuth Policies, confirm Permitted Users is set to "Admin approved users are pre-authorized" then click save

(4) Back on the Connected App page, click on "AskNicely" name/link this time
(5) Scroll down to the Profiles section and click "Manage Profiles"
(6) Tick the box next to all the profiles you would like to have access to the AskNicely Dashboard. If you're not sure, see the below suggestions:

(7) Click "Save"

2. Adding the tab (Salesforce Classic) 

(1) Click the plus/add tab in the tab bar
(2) Click "Customize My Tabs"
(3) Move "AskNicely" from Available Tabs to Selected Tabs
(4) Click "Save" 

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