We can send surveys to all your Intercom contacts or a single Intercom "segment". This is useful if you want to trigger a survey off a specific event. (How to create Segments)

Update the Intercom contact record in real time

We store the NPS Score and create a new event called NPS_Response so you can filter customers based on the time of their last response create smart auto messaging.

We also store the customer's comment as a note.

And tag users with either NPS Detractor/Passive/Promoter

Use Intercom to manage follow up communications

With Intercom's powerful messaging capability, you can automate replies based on their NPS response like:

  • Thanking Promoters for their support
  • Asking Promoters to leave a review on Yelp, Facebook etc.
  • Segmenting marketing messages based on whether they're a Promoter or detractor

You’ll be up and running in under 10 minutes - here’s how..

1. Configure Intercom Import Settings

This step will pull your Intercom contacts into AskNicely, Step 2 will actually do the sending

  • Within your AskNicely account hit the settings cog > Integrations > Intercom
  • Hit the big blue button "Connect with Intercom" 
  • Choose if you want to import "All Contacts" or select which segments from Intercom you want to import. You can import several.
    Note: We will use the segment name from Intercom for the customers segment in AskNicely
  • Choose custom fields to send to AskNicely (to help analyze NPS feedback and scores).

Note that there are some great advanced options like:

  • Create a new conversation in Intercom when a customer replies.
  • You can also choose to trigger a NPS survey when a conversation is closed in Intercom (note this will apply to any conversation not to customers in the segments you might syncing).
  • You can choose to only push data back into Intercom, one way outbound sync. 

2. Syncing Company Data from Intercom * NEW

We can now sync data from the Intercom company object and assign this to your AskNicely contacts. 

  • We can sync the internal Intercom company fields (id, name, plan, spend) 
  • We can sync custom fields also saved on the company
  • Any field synced from the company object will appear in AskNicely with a prefix of 'company_' + fieldname so you know a value has come from the company object.
  • BUT… If a customer belongs to more than one company, AskNicely will not sync any values for this contact. The only time we sync data is when contact belongs to only one company.   

3. Configure Sending Rules

  • Setup a Daily Schedule on the 'Send' page to drip your surveys out each day. You can control how many survey emails per day, days of the week to send and time.
  • Set how many days to wait before re-surveying a contact (90 days is common)
  • If you don't want to survey customers when they've just joined, set a delay

How to Automate Responses from Intercom

Create a new Auto Message in Intercom, target the tag "NPS Promoter".
Then, filter based on the event NPS-Response to find people that responded, say, 1 day ago.
Now you can continue with setting up your message content back to the customer. 

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