Goal: Start sending surveys to your customers using Segments in Intercom .


  1. Customize your survey - turning on this integration will mean surveys will start being sent, so make sure you are happy with your survey.
  2. If you are importing people with Intercom "Segments,", each segment list can have no more than 10,000 contacts on it. So if your organization has 20,000 contacts you wish to bring in, they must be broken into two segments of 10,000 contacts. This is due to Intercom exporting restrictions.


Sending Surveys from Intercom

We can send surveys to all your Intercom contacts or a multiple Intercom "segment(s)". Here's a handy article on how to create segments in Intercom from our friends at Intercom: How to create Segments

1. Configure Intercom Import Settings

This step will pull your Intercom contacts into AskNicely, Step 2 will actually turn on the sending

  1. Click App Store > Integrate > Intercom
  2. Hit the big blue button "Connect with Intercom" 
  3. Choose if you want to import "All Contacts", OR select which segments from Intercom you want to import. (Hint: if you want to send different surveys to different "audiences", separating your Intercom contacts into Segments makes this HUGELY easier.)
  4. Use the checkboxes to select which custom fields will be sent to AskNicely to help "group" NPS feedback and scores.

Use the additional drop downs at the bottom of the page to utilize some handy advanced options:

  • When a conversation is closed in Intercom: You can pick "Do nothing" (the default) or "Trigger an email survey" which will send an NPS survey immediately. (note this will apply to any conversation, not to customers in the segments you might be syncing, this includes leads).
  • When a person responds to a survey: You can chose to "Update Intercom" or "Do not update Intercom".

2. Syncing Company Data from Intercom

We can now sync data from the Intercom company object and assign this to your AskNicely contacts. We can sync the internal Intercom company fields (id, name, plan, spend) , or we can sync custom fields also saved on the company.

Two notes to consider here:

  1. Any field synced from the company object will appear in AskNicely with a prefix of 'company_' + fieldname so you know a value has come from the company object.
  2. If a person belongs to more than one company, chances are we will only bring in data from one of those companies.   

3. Configure Sending Rules

  • You can then set up a Daily Schedule on the 'Send' page to drip your surveys out each day as you see fit. The exclusion to this rule would be "Trigger an email survey" for closed conversation drop down.
  • You can set how many days to wait before re-surveying a contact - 90 days is our recommendation.
  • If you don't want to survey customers when they've just joined, set a delay. Note that the "Created Date" in AskNicely will be the Created Date from Intercom as well. It's best to filter out newly added people in Intercom instead of having AskNicely do it with the contact rules.

How to Automate Responses from Intercom

Create a new Auto Message in Intercom, target the tag "NPS Promoter".
Then, filter based on the event NPS-Response to find people that responded, say, 1 day ago. Now, you can continue with setting up your message content back to the customer. 

Real-Time Updates on the Intercom contact record

We store the NPS Score and create a new event called NPS_Response so you can filter customers based on the time of their last response create smart auto messaging.

We also store the customer's comment as a note.

And tag users with either NPS Detractor/Passive/Promoter

Lots of possibilities here! Enjoy your Intercom integration - please reach out to our Support Team at support@asknice.ly with questions.

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