The email blocklists makes it super easy for you to prevent customers with certain email addresses from being imported into your AskNicely account. Some customers want to block their own company domain from being imported into their AskNicely account. 

If you need to quickly remove just one customer from AskNicely, find this customer on the People page. Hit the rubbish bin beside this customer > Unsubscribe Contact. This customer will never be emailed again. 

You can find your email blocklist under the settings cog > Settings > Email Blocklist

The below example would prevent any customer from being imported into your AskNicely account if they have an "" email address. 

The second example, would only block 1 single email address from being imported. I.E we would never import '' into your account.

Important things to note!
• The blocklist rules only apply to contacts being imported via the CSV importer or via an Integration - it wont prevent a contact from being emailed if they already exist in your account.  
• The blocklist does not apply to manually adding a contact from the People page.
• Today, the blocklist does not support wildcards, if the blocked address is found anywhere in a contact's email address it will block it.

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