Upon logging into your AskNicely account you might have gotten a new message or have seen a new look. Welcome to our updated user interface! 

In this article we'll cover: 

  • Why would you do this to me? 
  • The intro message
  • How to change it back to the old look and then back to the new look
  • What does each button do? 

The Why? 

There are a ton of new features we are working on but to go along with those new features we had to make updates to our standard AskNicely Dashboard and account. We know change is hard but we promise it'll be worth it once we start rolling out some of these new features! 

The Introduction: 

If you're an Admin in the account you might have received the following pop up: 

Changing from New to Old and Old to New: 

In the updated interface, if you click the bottom left button it will pop up and provide you the option to Switch Back to Classic Look

To switch from the Classic look back to the updated version there is a New Look  button along the top bar, to the right of the Send  button: 

What button am I looking for? 

Here's a run down of the buttons, they follow the same pattern but are doing top to bottom on the left panel instead of right to left on the upper panel. 

With any change, it can take some getting used to. At some point we will default to the updated interface, but we'll be sure to give ample notification before that occurs. Feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback to use via Intercom chat, located in the bottom right hand corner of the screen! 

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