• What button am I looking for? 
  • Focal points of the Dashboard
  • Filter Bar
  • NPS Scores
  • Responses Section
  • Survey Section

Section One: What button am I looking for? 

Here's a run down of the left side column of the AskNicely Dashboard and where each button will take you:

Section Two: Focal Points of the Dashboard

Section Three: The Filter Bar

Located in the top left corner of the screen, the Filter Bar is a treasure trove of information and will allow you to pick and choose the specific data you're looking for.
NOTE: If your Dashboard looks "off" check the filters and change them as needed

Date Filter: 

  • Default Options: Today, 1 week, 2 weeks, then 1, 2, 3, 6, and 12 month(s)
  • These are based off current day: Example - 1 month is the past 30 days
  • Monthly: January through December 
  • Custom: Allowing you to pick any start and finish date

Data Filter:


  • NPS Type: Promoter, Passive, Detractors
  • NPS Comments: Has Comment or None
  • Notes: Has Notes or None
  • Messaged: Messaged, Messaged & Replied, Not Messaged
  • Published: Published or Not Published
  • Conversation Status: Open or Closed
  • Hashtag: Any internal hashtags you've used to track data will show up here. 

Section Four: NPS Scores 

NPS Scores: So how do you calculate your Net Promoter Score?

  • Total Number of responses: 50 - based on the screen shot from page 1
  • Promoters: 30 = 60% of the total (30/50=0.6 aka 60%) 
  • Passive: 7 = 14% of the total
  • Detractors: 13 = 26% of the total
  • Promoters 60% subtracted by Detractors 26% = 34.0 NPS

NPS Score #1: 

  • This is your score based on the filters selected within the Filters Bar
  • If you want big picture NPS then make sure Any and Any are selected in the filters, like this example. 

NPS Score #2: 

  • This is the NPS Score trend increase or decrease based on date filter. 
  • If "Last Month" is selected then the 34.0 score is up 14.0 points from the month before
  • This means the NPS score for the last 30 days ONLY is 34.0 and that your score for the 30 days before that would have been 20.0 (thus a 14 point increase that you see)

Section Five: Responses Section

Responses Section:

  • This section shows you how many people have responded to surveys within your current filter (in this example: Last Month aka the last 30 days)
  • NOTE: This number may vary from the Survey Section number of "Responses" Why is that? If you sent a survey to someone 35 days ago, but they wait 6+ days to respond or fill out the survey, it will show up in the Responses section, since it was responded to within the last 30 days. 
  • Put your cursor over the Promoter, Passive, or Detractor numbers and a percentage will show up, saving you from having to do math... you're welcome.

Section Six: Survey Section: 

Survey Section: 

  • Sent: This is how many surveys you've sent out, based on your current filters.
  • Put your cursor over the sent number and it will show Delivered and Opened numbers
  • Responded: Based on that sent number, how many people responded. This number is not effected by late survey submission, unlike the Responded section. That's why these numbers may be different
  • Responded Rate: Responded number/Sent number (48/151=0.3178 or 31.8%) 
  • Put your cursor over this number and it'll show you Delivered and Responded numbers. 
  • Note: Sent and Delivered may be different if emails are undeliverable based on hard or soft bounces

There you have it! An overview of the main AskNicely Dashboard and all of its capabilities! 

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