On your Send page, you have a few different ways to set up how your survey is sent and when. 

Daily Schedule

Make sure you have your schedule turned on! It helps to ensure you have a steady stream of feedback coming through on a regular basis, and ensures that you always have a pulse on your customer's happiness.

Once you click "Set up Daily Schedule", you'll be presented with a few options.
Daily emails to send - This is the max number of surveys you want to send each day. There is a survey max next to this - this is based on your monthly plan limit, so keep that in mind when selecting your daily limit. This includes the Survey by Segment feature for Professional and Advanced plans, which allows you to pick a segment or custom data point to send emails to based on their different data (further explained below).

Days of the week to send - Most people send these during the week, but it depends on your type of business and when you find you are interacting with most of your customers

Send emails after time - This is based on your timezone. Select the time to start sending your surveys out each day. 

Default Settings:
Below you'll see the "default" settings. Anyone meeting your contact rules (explained below) has the potential to be emailed and the example below shows that 50 of them will be surveyed. If there are less than 50 available then it will send less than 50 but if there are more than 50 available then those will be sent another day. 

Advanced Options

See Sending your Surveys: Advanced. This will show you how to set up custom send schedules based on custom data fields you import. 

Contact Rules

These rules define the frequency that your customers will receive a survey from you. 

For anyone that is "newly added" to the account, usually you want to trigger the survey to be sent pretty soon after this - people are much more likely to respond if they have had a recent interaction with you. If this is set at 0 days then they are sent a survey the next day; but you can make this a little longer if you'd like. Just keep in mind that the longer you wait, the less likely they are to respond! 

You also want to set your time-frame to send out the next survey. We find that anywhere from 90 - 180 days is a good length of time. 

When do these apply?
These settings apply to all of your surveys that are sent - if you're using any of our integrations, then its possible you might have some that are triggered using another platform. When this happens we will still check that your customers match your contact rules; it just helps ensure that they don't get surveyed too often. 

If this happens it can affect not only your responses but also your unsubscribe rates, so it's important to make sure that you retain your list of happy customers.

Survey Blasts

Down at the bottom, you have an option to Send a Survey Blast - this just means that you can send a bulk number of surveys straight away. Click "Configure Blast" to set this up.

Just enter in the number of emails you want to send and click the "Go" button. This will look at your customer list and send these based on how many people in your list reach the "Contact Rules criteria". 

It can sometimes be good to send a bulk amount of surveys out, but keep in mind these work best when you have time to read and reply to your customers responses. When your customers feel you are listening, they're more likely to continue sharing their feedback with you. 

We recommend setting up your system so that you are getting a regular flow of feedback, rather than in short blasts. 

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