One of the fastest ways to start rolling out your NPS surveys is to upload a spreadsheet of people you want to survey, which is what we'll cover here. If you prefer to use one of our integrations, you can check out the full list of Integration help docs HERE

Where to start?

Setting up your document with the necessary information will be key.
The Minimum: Name and Email
Bonus Points: Additional and relevant information that will help you sort data down the road. In this Jarvis Air example you can see additional custom data points that I plan on bringing into AskNicely to help me identify the good, the bad, and the ugly. Also notice the labeling, column headers become leaderboards once surveys are submitted

Leaderboards? Yes, leaderboards are created when someone response to a survey. Any custom data points that are brought into AskNicely will be added to a leaderboard, which helps you track data points and if they are trending upwards or downwards. Example screen shots below based on the above columns: 

Notice the special characters? If you have special characters please save your document as a CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (.csv)

Now that we've got the data we want to import we'll head to the People's Tab > Import People > CSV or Text File > and select the file you want to upload.

Selecting which columns you want to import

Remember that Name and Email are mandatory, but all other data points I can choose to match up or import as custom data. Segment is a big one and typically how most AskNicely users tend to segment their customer base and create custom templates (available for Professional Plans and above)

Once you match up all the columns you want to import (and you can "Skip This Column if you do not want to import it into AskNicely) click on "Confirm Matches".

Once confirmed you can "RUN CSV IMPORTER" and watch the magic happen.

You'll now see this confirmation page:

At the bottom of this screen you'll have two options: 

  • De-activate anyone that wasn't on the spreadsheet but currently in your People Tab
  • De-activate anyone found in AskNicely that is also on your CSV. Great if you have a list of people that have unsubscribed or recently churned from your system. 
  • Keep everyone, 

Then click on "Save and Continue". 

Now if we travel back to the People tab we will see the newly added people! 

Take note that if you have templates already set up, they will auto match with the trigger field you've selected. In the example above the template trigger is "lang" and we have templates set up for French and Spanish speakers. 

The CSV upload will help you add and edit customers into AskNicely! From here you can check out the Contact Rules and Daily Schedule to help you start sending out surveys on a daily basis. 

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