SMS surveys, which is sending an AskNicely survey via text message, is a great resource for customers that you don't have email addresses for or that you typically contact via text already. 

This document will cover: 

  • How it looks
  • Steps you need to take to implement it
  • Our processes surrounding email & sms surveys running at the same time. 

Quick notes: 

  • You get $10/USD worth of free SMS messages when you initially sign up, allowing you the opportunity to test and check for validity. 
  • Please contact your Customer Success Manager or your Account Executive for SMS pricing. Plans vary based on location and survey limits.

The SMS survey: 

The survey will be sent from a varying US number as seen below.

When the user clicks on the link, it will open their default web browser to start the survey: 

After setting the score, Feedback topics will show up (if you have Feedback Topics enabled) and we'll wrap things up with the open comment box: 

There you have it! That is the step by step demonstration of how it works! 

How to set it up:

First step is to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or your Account Executive to have it turned on. This takes roughly 24hr to get the account set up on our back end. 

Second step is importing the customers phone numbers, in which you have two options: 

  • Option 1: Import it as the Primary. When importing a CSV this option is "AskNicely > Mobile Number (Primary Survey Method)". This is if you ONLY want to do SMS and perhaps don't have their email. 
  • Option 2 (Suggested Option): Import Email under the normal "AskNicely > Email" Field. Importing SMS number as a new column, titled whatever you like (ex: SMS or mobile_number) with the phone number in that column. ex: 18001234567. You'd select "Custom Data > Import as: "field_name". 

If you go with Option 2 then please let your CSM or AE know which field you used, we'll have to make a quick adjustment on the back end to ensure that anyone with an SMS number in that field will get an SMS survey and not an email survey. What's great about this option is that if the SMS message fails (incomplete number or a land line) then we'll send out an email survey! 

Setting up the SMS Template:

If you click on the Cog Wheel > Settings you'll notice a new option in your survey template: 

You'll have the option to change/optimize the wording for SMS surveys within each template. 


What if I want to send both email and SMS surveys? You are able to do this! The best practice for this would be to have a custom data field and anyone you would prefer to send an SMS survey to, include their phone number in that custom field (with proper formatting (including country code) - "123456789 and we'll make sure that anyone with a phone number in that field gets an SMS survey instead of an email. Please note that if we're using a custom data field to send out SMS surveys, the button on the people page still says "email" but an SMS survey will be sent

Will someone be double surveyed? Once by SMS and once by email? The way to avoid this is by using a custom field with phone number instead of putting the phone number in place of the email address. Since we use email address as the unique ID, if you add the same user but put their phone number in place of their email address then it would be considered a 2nd user that's unaffiliated with the 1st. 

What if the phone number is incorrect or to a land line? We get a failure to deliver notice that the SMS survey wasn't sent and we'll send an email survey as a back up (that is if we have their email address). Please ensure that your phone numbers correct

What has the better response rate? So far we've noticed fairly similar response rates but email surveys have a greater comment length. 

Do SMS surveys count toward our monthly/annual limits?  Yes they will. 

Are there workflows for SMS? Yes, you can read the SMS Workflows and Alerts help document for this information.

Can I change the phone number the text comes from? Unfortunately you are unable to change this. 

Is there a character limit in SMS? We limit a single message to 160 characters. If a user responds with over 160 characters then it would count as 2 text messages. We cap all SMS feedback at 320 characters. 

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