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If you have ever wanted to get more reviews or automatically follow up low scoring customers or send a particular set of responses into Slack / Zendesk, our new workflows system rocks more than El Capitan.

Workflows has some powerful features that really allow you to target exactly "who" and "when" someone will receive an action (email, Slack, Zendesk etc).

With our super popular Email Workflow you can:

  • Target a customer by their NPS score, segment, name, email, comment or any customer data you have sent us using our powerful rules system.
  • You can use any data about a customer to customize any part of the email.
  • Control how many times this automation can run:
    - Only once for each contact. eg a Contact will only receive 1 email request for a review.
    - Only once per survey response. eg Following up a low score.
    - Any time a customer leaves a response or changes their response. eg This would be used for tools like updating the Zendesk score and comment or Slack.
  • Add a delay to the email e.g. request that a customer leaves a review for you on a website 24 hours after they responded to a survey with a 9 or 10.
    (sending an email directly after a responses would feel pretty robotic)

With the first launch of Workflows we have included a library of actions you can use with only 1 or 2 clicks and we are "rapidly" expanding this library based on feedback and use cases.

The cool thing with Workflows, is you can make them "automatic" or "manual".  With manual workflows you trigger them by finding the response you want, then click the drop down icon on the far right side.

Love to hear you feedback.

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